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Why they

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Why they Why they grow up absolutely others?

Why they are rude, are lazy and deceive?

Who is guilty of it modern action telnost, harmful influence of the street, shortcomings of the educational works at school?

Of course, all environment has the impact on children but most the main thing to what the child studies in a family.

If parents displays examples of diligence, honesty, commitment howl to children and moral; if they teach them to distinguish the presents vital values from false, the truth from lie; if they invite to the house good people of whom children could follow an example and friendship with which they could be proud, to the child will not stick a nickname Kai dirt.

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If master

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If master WITH CRAFT EVERYWHERE KINDLY M. Skrebtsova The miracle craft is simple!

It gives all kindly.

If master you skillful, Never you will be sad!

Clever fingers are?

From people bow and honor, Gratitude, respect All appreciate ability!

Questions to the poem Tell about the person, at which clever fingers.

As you think, at what age of people has to begin to study craft?

Why all respect skillful masters?

Whether there can be a real master the angry person?

Game Guess Craft Ask children to think, to what craft they would like to learn.

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The girl

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The girl Mai at once noticed kindness of the neigbour, and her heart revealed, as a flower.

The girl very much wanted to make to the old woman something pleasant, but it had no free minute.

Constraining tears, To Nye Tkhi Mai only low bowed to the kind woman.

But once, when Mai went on a buffalo, noticed it young tigrol.

The girl very much was pleasant to it.

Having hidden shis for a trunk of a palm tree, tigrol tracked where turned buffalo s, then went to the rich man and, having bowed to him, asked to give it New Tkhi Mai in the wife.

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But You say that

Автор: admin Дата: Сбт, 09 Ноя 2013 18:05:13 +0000

But You say that But You say that the ability to discuss can be developed in a child at a very young age.

You can develop dependence, participation, the ability to give in and test ratio cope with all.

If we are all integral parts of a single mechanism and unable Human development from to to get a good job in life without his inner harmony, that, owing to such work with children, we prepare good people for the future of mankind.

It turns out that a child's ability to enter into in the future depends on his ability to get along with the environment in which it is located.

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If ve the blowing

Автор: admin Дата: Срд, 06 Ноя 2013 16:44:00 +0000

If ve the blowing Vodyashch y calls serial number of the player also adds any name, for example a chetver ty, wolf.

The fourth numbers from two teams run home, in this case in wood.

If ve the blowing says P yata y, shark, the fifth but measure of both teams run to sea.

Wins that team which will score more points.

at Who would will come running stry, zar ab ata the point howls.

D alsh e N elements to Wai tsya in with e ostalna e poryad About kova e numbers of players.

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Options . Exercise

Автор: admin Дата: Птн, 20 Сен 2013 06:48:41 +0000

Options . Exercise over the head.

The child repeats actions of the adult, and then selfstanding telno reproduces an onomatopoeia in combination with a dvizha niya of hands to the offered picture.

Options .

Exercise on fixing of sound images of words be me.

The adult offers listen to the tape recorder and raise that picture, a voice up what animal will sound bememebebe.

Ritmikointonatsionnye exercises listen attentively and repeat also, allocating the shock the word and accompanying with voice each said word movements of hands bebeBE; MEbebe; BEmeme; beMEme.

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