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If you one live, You will

If you one live, You will Strangely it, unusually, But it is familiar to us perfectly.

The happiness comes from trouble And back does not leave, That to help us rather To overcome all misfortunes.

Questions and tasks Give an example from the life, when something good poyavi elk at you after trouble.

Who consoles you when to you it is bad?

FRIENDSHIP BONDS One man is no man One cannot live, Everyone needs friends.

If you one live, You will very quickly be gone.

Loyal friend hand It is surprisingly strong.

If suddenly the trouble happens, The friend to the aid in a moment will come tearing along.

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Otprav lyaysya

Otprav lyaysya Yes look do not look back!

The old woman descended with Mahomed to masters.

Masters undertook to make a ring for Movsur.

When the old woman and Mahomed I return foxes home, Movsur already waited for theM. He held in hand zolo ty apple which to it from the window furtively threw Zhovar.

Movsur, the old woman told, this apple Zhovar gives you know that will wait for you in an appletree garden today.

Otprav lyaysya in the evening there.

When Zhovar leaves in a garden, its shine beauty will be lit up by everything around, night will turn in day.

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D la it it has to tyan

D la it it has to tyan Its task to get to the center of a circle.

D la it it has to tyan utnut you somebody from game k.

To make it it is difficult, players d vi utsyanutsya on to circle, as in a roundabout.

Esl and vodyashch I eat at ud it atsya you to pull someone, About they are m en yayu tsya roles.

Game proceeds.

At l and h N y e and Kommersant & about r about yo y e and r ypodprygn and p about y m and y!

And nventar handkerchief.

Quantity participants and more.

P r and in and l and I choose t of the driving.

About steel become in a circle.

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At words Here

At words Here Here also game came to an end!

The movement of a roundabout becomes gradually all honey lenny.

At words Here also game children the opus came to an end cabins a cord on the earth also disperse on a platforM. After children have a little a rest, is sung the tel rings three or three times strike in a tambourine.

The playing hurry to take the places on a roundabout, I.e.

become in a circle, take a cord.

Game is resumed.

Not in time to take a place to the third call does not roll sya on a roundabout, and costs and waits when is new landing.

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Sasha fell

Sasha fell They promise to buy every time next time.

I nikog yes I will not wait for this following time with despair thought Sasha.

Now did not please the boy even new racing ve losiped, presented by parents.

Sasha fell asleep in tears and the next morning tried not to think of a puppy.

There was a Sunday, and the boy went to roll sya in park.

On the distant avenue it was stood in by two way under sprouts with a box.

Well, show it is great!

the senior ordered.

It post twisted a box on the earth and sharply pulled a wheel.

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It took

It took , Sakhalin Pokrovsk high school No.

, Sakhalin Egoist I want to write about one case which happened in the summer.

I walked in the yard, and boys played soccer.

One mal Chick brought a new fine soccerball.

All began to play a new ball.

But the boy proved that it is his ball, and it main.

Then this boy slipped and fell.

It began to shout that all are guilty.

It took away a ball and left, and still told that will complain to the father, and the father will show all of theM. At all there was a bad mood, and at me too.

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