I see how easy

I see how easy It is difficult to answer, but I don't think we should work with hi practivally with medication.

I see how easy it is ordered against any problems take a pill.

This is very bad.

Poor parents not agree, but there is no escape, because the child is threatened with expulsion from school.

The approach is very cruel.

The necessary special classes and a new approach talks speak with children about their problems.

Parents are right to be concerned about drug treatment.

It is not helping no, if it does not add other methods.

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On the tutor's signal

On the tutor's signal Kite and brood hen Description of game children participate in game.

One of the playing another gets out kite brood hen.

Ostal ny children chickens; they become for a brood hen, about razuya column.

All keep the friend for the friend and standing ahead for a brood hen.

On the opposite side platforms the circle a kite nest is outlined.

On the tutor's signal kite it takes off from gnez and tries to catch the chicken costing to the last in a column.

A brood hen, having dismissed wings having extended hands in the parties, protects the chickens, does not give to a kite to seize a chicken.

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  • But the child needs to show it!If he does not feel, that will never change.And if its just kick, he, not knowing the cause, go for a walk and be happy.Another take a cigarette in the yard, and along with the other remote go to the cinema!Yes, there is formed a very dangerous company.Why do not delete!Small neglect the group is quite up it is enough.And it happens that the child has no power over nature.Such example surfaced in the conversation with children.
  • Pleased the owner told To Yosak, I see, you are very good person.Why to you not to marry my daughter and not to remain in our house forever?To Yosak agreed with pleasure.He married the daughter hozyai on, and they lived long and happily.They had many children.It continued to work hard, as before, and became very rich person.Yosaka always helped poor people.For his kindness all in the city called him Varashibe Choya that Mister means Straw.Questions and tasks On whom in a bigger measure the destiny of the young man depended from Buddha or from him?
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  • The plot of game can be developed and complicated to arrange a stop at which children sit and wait at lives of the tram; when the tram approaches a stop, it reduces speed and stops; one passengers leave the tram, others enter.When landing children raise a cord.Those children who left from Torahs Wai, sit down on the chairs standing at a wall.Before carrying out game of children it is necessary to acquaint with three flowers yellow, red and green.If the bus or the trolleybus is more familiar to children, it is possible to replace the tram with other type of transport.
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