Over them

Over them Crystal splinters scattered on all lodge.

The spider quickly whisked in a corner, but the wolf caught up with it and about all go to scope slammed the bony paw.

Everything began to spin round Dan and Dana from a terrible skoros tyyu.

Children on a floor regained consciousness.

Over them it is sympathizing bent the grayhaired person in a gray velvet caftan.

It is remote by something but reminded a wolf.

Regained consciousness?


I think, now everything will be good, the person spoke, helping children to rise.

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Part two I don't think

Part two I don't think Yes.

However, this procedure is painful.

Many parents wonder the disappearance of warmth, cordiality, internal communication in children?

The result just the opposite.

Part two I don't think Facebook is someone looking for warmth and compassion.

This is a General the looks of surface and spring, although adolescents disagree with me.

For them it is enough.

In the fact of the matter it is only external.

If the photo, the only edge Greyback, if the words, then pleasant.

And if I want to say something unpleasant, Facebook me greatly facilitates the task.

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On a table

On a table Game Make So of Cherepanov G.



Development of muscular control, ability to own the body.


On a table at the adult cards with the image of little men are spread out, carrying out various movements.

The trainer shows to participants of a card and explains, what actions are represented on each of theM. Then the adult gives the instruction In my opinion all have to approach a signal a table and take by one card.

I will consider from one to to ten, and you will carry out at this time that the little man on chosen as you represents to the picture.

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Animals Occupation can be finished with a round dance We went to a meadow.

Animals of the different countries, continents Purposes.

to acquaint children with animals of the different countries, with their environment dwellings and living conditions; to form idea of children of what animals on what continent live; to develop a small motility.

Material the model of two hemispheres, a box with figures animals.

Preliminary work to consider illustrations zhi wadded, calling theM. Occupation course Children under music pass around.

The teacher suggests to sit down in a relaxed pose in front of the card of hemispheres to close eyes.

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Usually it is best

Usually it is best Important principle of the behavioural therapies suktsessivny stagebystage process of slow approach to the purpose.

Usually it is best of all to begin with the easiest step; if it is possible to resolve the easiest problems, it is possible to pass to another.

Strategy naturally gives everything or nothing to to disappointments.

Children with SDVG constantly need in quick, clear, clear and unambiguous information on impression which makes their behavior of Taylor E.

, .

Unfortunately, the isolated use of this technique does not allow is long to remain to positive results Important part of psychocorrection the structured introspection.

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Analysis Who from you can tell me, what it did yesterday before went to bed?

Give to children the chance to think up similar questions and to set them each other.

Analysis of exercise Whether this game was pleasant to you?

What question appeared for you the most difficult?

What questions you were easy to answer?

Whether you play sometimes similar games?

What do you do for training of the memory?

GAME since years Purposes This exercise is directed on inducing children to look at interlocutors in interaction time with theM. Many children avoid visual contact with interlocutors, causing in those feeling of uncertainty and discomfort.

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In zyavsh

In zyavsh ¦ ¦ P about d in both N y e and r yl and in at sh m and l I I & t to at ?

And nventar boom already ny e sh apochka or bows on chi to a sl of participants.

They will be a butterfly m and.

Kolya Chestvo of participants and more.

P r and in and l and Participants form three big concentric circle.

In zyavsh and s by hands, they d vizh utsyanutsya around on ruzh ny e circles in one party, and internal in another.

The unexpected whistle, on is distributed to tory players of two external circles in pairs join hands, trying to take in a ring of whom nibud from players of an internal circle.

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  • But the child needs to show it!If he does not feel, that will never change.And if its just kick, he, not knowing the cause, go for a walk and be happy.Another take a cigarette in the yard, and along with the other remote go to the cinema!Yes, there is formed a very dangerous company.Why do not delete!Small neglect the group is quite up it is enough.And it happens that the child has no power over nature.Such example surfaced in the conversation with children.
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  • The plot of game can be developed and complicated to arrange a stop at which children sit and wait at lives of the tram; when the tram approaches a stop, it reduces speed and stops; one passengers leave the tram, others enter.When landing children raise a cord.Those children who left from Torahs Wai, sit down on the chairs standing at a wall.Before carrying out game of children it is necessary to acquaint with three flowers yellow, red and green.If the bus or the trolleybus is more familiar to children, it is possible to replace the tram with other type of transport.
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