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So far home

So far home lines we squeeze hands in fists and joints pyastny bones and phalanxes of fingers we make the rolling movements on a table.

lines we unclench fists and we stroke one palm another.

lines serially we touch with fingers of hands a nose tip.

Marinka went for a walk On a very narrow footpath.

At the wood on a luzhochka It tore florets.

So far home ran, Lost florets.

lines index and middle fingers of both hands we go on a table.

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Game Who Gives

Game Who Gives Drawing Gift of the Fairy of Destiny Present that the fairy of destiny presented you something very much for you important.

Draw its gift.

Game Who Gives Us Happiness The teacher distributes to children different subjects sea shell, beautiful pebble, tree branch, flower, book, toy.

Kazh the dy has to talk to the subject, and then rasska to zat as its subject can make people happy.

For example the cockleshell can present to people the tale of the sea, flower to please, the book to tell the kind fairy tale.

Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation Tell about the different moments of the life, when you feeling bring down yourself happy.

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And boys are more

And boys are more No ka would prove that girls are more likely to cooperate than boys?

Is the external cooperation.

They are ready to come together and play together, however, each remains in itself.

And boys are more typical to come together and be United in the group.

Then it is shown explicitly.

If there a connection between the violence in childhood and mixed NYM education?

Violence should be prevented from an early age, he doesn't need but to be!

We should teach children to be in the society, because of three up to six years old it is the society.

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They charged

They charged Children too are guilty that order did not keep.

They local, better you are known that without order the wood will be lost gloomy the grandfather answered.

They charged to me, and I was tired and forgot began to cry Alina.

All right, do not cry.

It is good that lesovik to me in time about fire reported, and the wood rescued the grandfather, and the granddaughter suddenly told remembered a strange shaggy being who woke them also brought on the coast of the lake.

Questions and tasks Why Alina did not like to keep the things in an order?

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If two circles

If two circles Operations procedure.


Exercise on recognition rit michesky drawings.

The adult, showing to the child a card the plate with the circles represented on it, asks look, listen and remember as it is necessary to speak on to this scheme.

If two circles are drawn with a row, to clap times in a row are necessary; if between circles it is empty, nuzh but to be silent, observing a pause; otkhlopay rhythmic drawing; listen as it will sound on the tape recorder cottons a pause; cotton a pause; cottons.

Exercise on vykladyvany schemes of a rhythM. Adult offers the child a set of circles or mosaics one color also asks attentively listen and lay out from the circles on on to paper luster that rhythm which I otkhlopat.

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Took the best

Took the best The turn Sundar Sinkha came.

He saw, how the brother athlete obes silet in single combat with trees as servants caught it, twisted and beat yes from a garden of wons threw out, and solved to begin with digging of a well.

Took the best shovel and began to dig the earth with might and main.

So what?

Sundar endeavors Sinkh, digs, and on a place of the dugout earth the new appears.

It is a lot of dexterity at Sundar Sinkha and I pound a little.

Became constant visitor, the shovel started gleaming in hands at it, flies extensively lands tsa, but than he rummages in the earth more, the lovchy digs, the there is a hole less, and soon it was at all made even with earth.

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Our world

Our world Our eyes in the world reveals a special law the law of the unity of all nature and mankind.

We call it the law global and integrated integrated world.

Our world with great speed is included in the disclosure of total Noah communication between all its parts, and every day we have more and more about it maruziva.

This process will evolve until we feel absolute dependence all from each, and each against all.

So that no one will be good to until all the other people on the planet is feeling good.

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