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The period

The period Tone engaged with to them the adult has to have neutral character.

The period of the beginning of systematic training of the child often becomes also the beginning of violation mutual understandings between them as years are critical age when the symptomatology of SDVG amplifies in connection with increase intellectual, emotsional ache loadings.

During this period also requirements of adults to the child become tougher.

As a rule, in years speech regulation has to replace emotional regulation of behavior of the child, but children with SDVG for the present cannot keep up with the contemporaries that often causes wave of irritation of adults.

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Children In case of lack of devices for a lasagna children can get on benches or other eminences.

By means of this game the tutor develops at ty endurance, ability to move on a signal.

Children unitary enterprise razhnyatsya in run, a lazaniye.

Firefighters on the doctrine Who the first called?

Description of game At distance of steps from gymnastic walls ki the tutor draws a line.

Children are under construction the person to wall bars in columns, and the first in a column stand on the devil.

Against each column on to the same height it is suspended on a lath by the gy nastichesky wall hand bell.

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Game Mercy

Game Mercy After the leader guesses craft, it is interchanged the position with the answering.

Game Mercy Sun Children get up in a circle.

The teacher asks them to tell about what or merciful acts which are made by people on from to carrying to each other.

Each story is awarded solnysh mercy lump, cut out from color paper.

The one who for op redelenny time will receive more than all suns, becomes Mercy sun.

The sun of mercy approaches someone in a circle, dotra it givatsya to it by the ray and gives it any sol nechny gift.

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So, we can say that

So, we can say that For vyziva deposits we need to be friendly to each other.

So, we can say that we do not always feel the Association, and therefore work on it?

Together we are learning that if he thus say the older children, it is the key to successful parenting.

He sees that everyone is busy with the development of communication.

And otherwise he does not see.

This approach to life became his life.

Because he wants to be like the older children?

For younger words of the elder law.

And what adults say they are considered see how the edification.

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Only the horse

Only the horse He moaned and recovered.

Verev ki ground about a stone and climbed up me.

Here poachers about snutsya.

One of them too had a kind horse and where to it to me.

I in the dark between trees rushed as on jumps.

Huo zyain only screamed when branches painfully quilted it.

In about shchy, caught those poachers.

And the owner as recovered, ska the hall that a medal is necessary to me for a faithful service.

Only the horse finished the story as came back home sad owner.

His best friend this day left yes Leko.

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When I grow

When I grow Mother wanted to get a cat, and we with the sister did not want, but when it brought a fluffy white kitten, I understood at once that this is our cat.

I feel sorry for all homeless animals, because they neschast ny and poor, but parents do not even allow me them to iron.

When I grow up, I will make for them the house.

I invented a new method of training supertender, and pi shu the book about the dog.

When to me it is sad, my dog consoles me.

It approaches and sa it ditsya to me close and licks my hands or a face, a side and a nose.

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For it I will

For it I will Uvi the boy gave an axe, was delighted.

Here my axe, the grandfather, speaks.

And the old man grinned tenderly and told Good fellow, boy.

You did not begin to take the stranger, did not covet on silver yes gold.

For it I will give you all three axes.

About give them in the market they cost much, and let your mother not works more for foreign people.

He told and stretched to the boy gold, silver and iron axes.

The boy took axes, thanked the old man hundred and one thousand times and home went.

Since then they did not know with a mat to rye of need and grief.

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